The Dock

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Now the one thing that seems to be the same regardless of where I live is that the weather seems to be beautiful during the week and kinda shitty during the weekends. So I try to take advantage of the few

hours of sunshine after work. So i jump into a cab, tell him to go to the Galleria department store and take a short walk through a tunnel filled with graphite to see the Han River. Just the few months ago you could catch me jogging along the pathway along the Han, but now a days i got something much more interesting to do.

This is where the the “dock” comes into play.This is my little retreat. The people that work here are freaking hilarious. A few can speak English pretty well, others just know a few words but their all cool to chill with. If its sunny im on the second floor jumping on the trampoline, doing a little workout with the free weights or just laying on the lawn chairs. I can actually getting decent at doing flips on the trampoline.But if the water is calm ill be on the first floor getting ready to get on a wake board. Im still getting the hang of this thing but its just sick. I’m hooked. As you can tell by the picks i’m still taking face plants into the water but at least im not face boarding any more!



Well hello again

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I must be your favorite blogger in the world. Tell you what you check this thing more often and leave some comments and i promise to write once a week.

Now that we got that out of the way i guess i gotta fill you in on the last 4 months or so. SHIT! Where do i start?

I guess work would be a good place to start. Well it doesn’t feel like work. I have never enjoyed any job as much as this. Some of you may think that i’m crazy, but sometimes i catch myself smiling on a Sunday night; thinking about going to work on Monday morning and seeing Jasmine and Mindy running into Koala class. Seeing Paul and Kevin Cha get in front of the class to sing, “A, your adorable, B, your so beautiful, C …” Or Nathan pretending to be sleepy so that i would tickle him.  Its so easy to fall in love with these kids. They are fascinating. They are little people, you cannot put anything past them. A few like Jasmine, and Julie are aware of everything that is happening around them, and have already learned how to manipulate people.

Imagine Julie running to your desk, jumping on your lap and saying “i love you Ash teacher” as she gives you a hug. Then looking up at you and asking for one more happy face. If a Koala (a student from Koala class) gets 5 happy faces they are rewarded with stickers and candy. This little devil just needed one more happy face to get to 5. Now i’m not saying that the  boys don’t try to pull the same kind of thing, but manipulation just seems to come more naturally to girls. Here are as few pics of the kids.


Mindy and Jasmine


First week

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So im getting settled in my new apartment in Seoul in a hurry so that i can get this adventure on the road. I think after passing out in the middle of the day for the past few days im about over the jet lag. The biggest problem so far is finding away to communicate with people. I don’t have a home phone and to get a cell i need an ARC card which i will get in about 3 weeks. I am supposed to get my wireless setup by the end of the week.

On the bright side of things I’ve been working out like a madman, and i have already found a soccer league that i will join on the beginning of March. Getting around is also really easy with the subway system.

Now i know you guys were expecting plenty of pictures but your going to have to give me a little more time. I’m having some problems with my computer. It’s extra slow. If you got any tips on how i can get it back on track let me know. I’ve already scanned the computer a couple of times and im only using half of my memory. I’m using safe mode right now.

Well im gonna give you a tour of my apartment soon time.


Its official

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I’m going going to to Korea rea.  Thats right, i will be getting my E-2 working visa from the Korean embassy on Tue, Jan 12th and i will be leaving to Korea in late Feb.   Continue reading ‘Its official’

Im done York

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WoooooooooohooooooooooUnderware run

I am finally finished my undergrad at york and i am excited about moving on with my plans. Life is beautiful right now. I just purchased a car a couple of weeks ago,  ran 10K for the underwareaffair and i just got back from a camping trip with the family.  I even got an offer to work as the research assistant for one of my profs for a couple of months before i leave to Korea. So i might be leaving as late as Feb so that i can take advantage of this opportunity and pay off all my debts before i leave.  Things are looking peachy.

Here is a picture from the run.

i’ve been mia

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well its been a long time since my last post. To be honest i realized that most of you will only be visiting this blog once im gone to Korea and you start to miss the best thing that ever happened to you. So i figured ill start bloging on a daily basis once i get there. But just to keep you posted, i recently finished the oxford seminar and i have 3 more weeks left until i finish the last course i need to take at York before i graduate. I am trying to gain some teaching experience and also pay off my debts before i leave, so i have very little spare time between 3 jobs and York. I am still working at TD on the weekends, and i started doing construction full time during the week. I am also calling Korean engineers who plan to come to Canada for about 3 hours each week so that i can teach them how to speak English.  Oh an i bout a used Oldsmobile last week for the commute to work, but it broke down on me last night. There, now your all caught up. I will be posting more frequently as we get closer to the date of departure (which i think will be sometime in late October).



Daily Living

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So here are a few facts that i just learned.

Continue reading ‘Daily Living’