A few weeks ago i told my family and close friends about this trip around the world, here is how they all reacted:

Both of my brothers were as supportive as always. They insisted that i pursue this goal and experience the “…trip of a lifetime.” My mom’s reaction, was similar to any mom’s reaction, the kind of thing you should expect. The rough translation of what she said is ‘It is not a sin for young people to fantasize’ By the way, how am i going to survive without home cooking? Have i told you my mom is the best Persian cook on the planet? I know, i am spoiled, but this is going to be though.

My friends tell me it should be a lot of fun. I couldn’t help but laugh when i heard my girlfriend’s response. She heard the excitement in my voice and told me that i have to go, that i would regret it later if i didn’t go on this trip. Then she concluded the conversation with “…but we need to talk.” Long story short, we had to end a beautiful relationship. I’ll miss you baby.

Good thing i still have my mommy’s cooking.


~ by teachtotravel on April 14, 2009.

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