Day Dreamin

In a lot of ways i think i have already left on this journey.

As my friends and family start to recognize that i am determined to leave i see my relationships starting to change, even though the actual flight will be leaving in several months. I feel like i am starting to say my goodbyes. Its starting to hit me, i am not gonna see my loved ones for a long long time. I guess this blog lets me talk about things that i would regularly not voice, not even to my brothers.

But don’t get me wrong, i am also very excited and thrilled about this adventure. I am looking forward to every minute of it. It will build character and expose me to many people and places that i would never get to see if i stay in my comfortable little box. As scary as it may be i like change, i like taking a leap not knowing if or where i will land. I think not knowing whats gonna happen next is the most beautiful thing about life. Without this mystery we would all be stuck in a routine. I think that is the scariest thing that could ever happen.



p.s. i think i have found a new passion for running, it really helps clear your mind. I just ran 5k thinking i ran 10, respect to all you runners out there.


~ by teachtotravel on May 9, 2009.

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