Daily Living

So here are a few facts that i just learned.

1) If you are meat lover like myself, you are going to have some problems in Korea. Red meat (the best type of meat) is very expensive in Korea, since it is mostly imported.

2) Koreans are very strict about recycling, if you dont separate things properly and place it in the right containers then you can be seriously fined. Check this link to learn more about how to recycle, and get connected to various organizations that are designed to help foreigners adjust to the local lifestyle.

3) There are plenty opp. to have a part-time job in between teaching classes and going out. The kinda job that may provide the spending money. Check this link for more info about a bunch of interesting jobs that are available in Korea.

4) The process of getting your visa from Korea can take up to 4months. Please check this link to get more information about all the steps that you need to take to get your visa.


~ by teachtotravel on May 21, 2009.

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