Its official

I’m going going to to Korea rea.  Thats right, i will be getting my E-2 working visa from the Korean embassy on Tue, Jan 12th and i will be leaving to Korea in late Feb.  After a couple months of searching i found a job in Seoul with a pretty cool school. I am only supposed to be working about 35h/week and the pay is relatively above average for the level of experience i have. So i guess you can say i am a happy camper. To be honest, it still hasn’t clicked in that i am actually leaving. I don’t really feel anything yet. I know i should be excited about the experience, the adventure and happy about actually doing this, but i don’t.  I know I should be upset and nervous about leaving my loved ones and friends, but i am not. At least not yet.  I have always been this way though, i don’t worry too much about how i am going to feel in the future. I mean whats the point, i have already made my decisions and taken action, and i am not about to change things so why worry about how i am eventually going to feel until i am actually in that situation?


~ by teachtotravel on January 7, 2010.

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