The Dock

Now the one thing that seems to be the same regardless of where I live is that the weather seems to be beautiful during the week and kinda shitty during the weekends. So I try to take advantage of the few

hours of sunshine after work. So i jump into a cab, tell him to go to the Galleria department store and take a short walk through a tunnel filled with graphite to see the Han River. Just the few months ago you could catch me jogging along the pathway along the Han, but now a days i got something much more interesting to do.

This is where the the “dock” comes into play.This is my little retreat. The people that work here are freaking hilarious. A few can speak English pretty well, others just know a few words but their all cool to chill with. If its sunny im on the second floor jumping on the trampoline, doing a little workout with the free weights or just laying on the lawn chairs. I can actually getting decent at doing flips on the trampoline.But if the water is calm ill be on the first floor getting ready to get on a wake board. Im still getting the hang of this thing but its just sick. I’m hooked. As you can tell by the picks i’m still taking face plants into the water but at least im not face boarding any more!



~ by teachtotravel on June 26, 2010.

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