Well hello again

I must be your favorite blogger in the world. Tell you what you check this thing more often and leave some comments and i promise to write once a week.

Now that we got that out of the way i guess i gotta fill you in on the last 4 months or so. SHIT! Where do i start?

I guess work would be a good place to start. Well it doesn’t feel like work. I have never enjoyed any job as much as this. Some of you may think that i’m crazy, but sometimes i catch myself smiling on a Sunday night; thinking about going to work on Monday morning and seeing Jasmine and Mindy running into Koala class. Seeing Paul and Kevin Cha get in front of the class to sing, “A, your adorable, B, your so beautiful, C …” Or Nathan pretending to be sleepy so that i would tickle him.  Its so easy to fall in love with these kids. They are fascinating. They are little people, you cannot put anything past them. A few like Jasmine, and Julie are aware of everything that is happening around them, and have already learned how to manipulate people.

Imagine Julie running to your desk, jumping on your lap and saying “i love you Ash teacher” as she gives you a hug. Then looking up at you and asking for one more happy face. If a Koala (a student from Koala class) gets 5 happy faces they are rewarded with stickers and candy. This little devil just needed one more happy face to get to 5. Now i’m not saying that the  boys don’t try to pull the same kind of thing, but manipulation just seems to come more naturally to girls. Here are as few pics of the kids.


Mindy and Jasmine



~ by teachtotravel on June 26, 2010.

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