Scenery in Seoul

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hey hey, given the limited time i have to finish my 40% assignment today, i will just leave you guys with some of the things i am looking forward to seeing in Korea.  Click here to see a lot of interesting architecture, and traditional clothing. You will also see a kick ass police force that i do not want to mess with.  Please excuse the music, just turn the volume down and enjoy the clip.

Of course i also have to showcase some of the other beautiful attractions in Korea, here are a few pictures to keep you entertained.

i know what ur thinking; 'nice dress'

chainsmiss korea


Day Dreamin

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In a lot of ways i think i have already left on this journey.

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Oxford Classes and Sharks

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So i just registered for the classes for the oxford. With this degree ill have more confidence when i am teaching and i will

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Thank you all

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Well hello all. I see that there is a growing interest in this blog, i know most of the support is forced but thanks for the encouraging comments. I will promise to keep the updates more frequent, right now I’ve just been a little caught up with the final projects and exams in school. So lets get to some updates.

Found a travel buddy

•April 28, 2009 • 8 Comments

On the bus ride home from York tonight, i saw a girl who happens to be a friend of a friend. We never got a chance to talk before.

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Looks like i got some links in Korea

•April 24, 2009 • 2 Comments

Well i recently found out that my friend’s mom has an English academy In Korea. She offered me

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It’s official WordPress is the place to be

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Well if the two posts above seem a little familiar it is beacause you have been following the blogs. I have been trying out a few sites for the past few weeks. I started with Travelblog and then Blogger but i like wordpress. WordPress is very easy to use and allows me to use much more features and tools than the other two sites. Looks like i am here to stay.